There is no information on the Four Corners Alliance Group trang web indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Four Corners Alliance Group website domain (“”) was registered on the 1st of February 2013, however the domain registration is set lớn private.

Four Corners Alliance Group’s “About Us” page simply states that Four Corners Alliance Group is

a Subsidiary of Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC., a fully registered company.

A corporate address in the US state of Nevada is provided at

7260 W. Azure Dr Suite 140-606

Las Vegas, NV 8913

This same address appears on the “About Us” page for the company “Longevity7”:


Note the copy và paste effort along with mention again of Cornerstone Alliance Group.

Longevity7 is a training niche MLM company that was launched in mid 2012, paying commissions on “monthly subscriptions” ($21/$97 a month) khổng lồ a newsletter and affiliate’s buying into a “Home Study Course”.

Longevity7 claim their newsletter is

focused on providing you with knowledge – and showing you exactly HOW to lớn implement that knowledge to your greatest advantage so that you have a strong, balanced approach to lớn accelerated wealth creation.

The home Study Course was in six parts, ranging in cost between $30 và $3000. It was made available at a retail level, however it appears to be of little khổng lồ no value lớn anyone not participating in the Longevity7 income opportunity as an affiliate.

Management wise Longevity7 compensation plan material states the company

is owned & managed by five business partners and, presented in no particular order, they are Jim Yarbrough, David Harrison, Nick Ames Carmel Burke Marion Herbertson.


Over at the Nevada Secretary of State website a Cornerstone Alliance LLC is indeed registered, naming Ian D. Harrison (David?) and James Yarbrough as sole company Officers:


Why this information is not disclosed on the Four Corners Alliance Group website is not known.

Curiously, in Longevity7 compensation plan material dated September 2012, Kevin Thompson is named as the company’s attorney:


On the Four Corners Alliance Group website, the company confirms their ongoing involvement with Thompson:

Who is the company Attorney?

Our legal documentation such as Independent Business Owner Agreements, Terms và Conditions, etc., have all been prepared by Kevin Thompson, one of the đứng đầu five Attorneys in the MLM industry.

He has also looked at và approved this business model & will be retained to provide advice and guidance on an ongoing basis to ensure that you have a secure, strong và lasting platform.

Read on for a full review of the Four Corners Alliance Group MLM business opportunity.

The Four Corners Alliance Group Product Line

Four Corners Alliance Group don’t explicitly go into any detail about their products on their website, simply referring to lớn them as

presented in easy, instantly downloadable format directly in your exclusive Members Only Back Office.

From down-to-earth “How To’s” which will enable the ultimate technophobes lớn conquer the world of gadgets and gizmos – to mindset and motivation with a unique business emphasis to lớn help you reach your full potential và explode your income, online và off – all the way through lớn financial education which will turn the balance in your favor and have your money working for you – rather than you being the one who has lớn constantly scramble after those unruly dollars … Four Corners products will impact & elevate your lifestyle altogether.

Although not explicitly clarified, Four Corners Alliance Group’s mô tả tìm kiếm above sounds like an e-book library.

Simply referred khổng lồ as Products 1 to 16, Four Corners Alliance Group’s products are priced between $6 & $50.

Along with the library và identical khổng lồ Longevity7 is also a monthly subscription based newsletter.

Four Corner Alliance’s products & newsletter are available at a retail level, attracting a 25% surcharge on top of the wholesale price.

The Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan

Four Corners Alliance Group offer affiliates retail commissions, matrix commissions and a matching bonus.

Matrix Commissions

Affiliates in Four Corners Alliance Group are paid on their affiliate’s purchases via a 2×16 matrix.

A 2×16 matrix places an affiliate at the vị trí cao nhất of the matrix with two legs directly under them (level 1):


In turn, these two legs branch out into another two legs (level 2) và so on & so forth down 16 levels. Each of these legs represents a matrix position which is filled via direct or indirect recruitment of new affiliates.

For each tiếp thị liên kết placed in the matrix, a Four Corners Alliance Group affiliate receives a commission, depending on what cấp độ the tiếp thị liên kết is placed within the matrix.

Level 1 – $9 (2 positions)Level 2 – $2.70 (4 positions)Level 3 – $3.15 (8 positions)Level 4 – $3.60 (16 positions)Level 5 – $4.05 (32 positions)Level 6 – $4.50 (64 positions)Level 7 – $5.40 (128 positions)Level 8 – $6.30 (256 positions)Level 9 – $7.20 (512 positions)Level 10 – $8.10 (1024 positions)Level 11 – $9.00 (2048 positions)Level 12 – $10.80 (4096 positions)Level 13 – $13.50 (8192 positions)Level 14 – $16.20 (16,384 positions)Level 15 -$18.90 (32,768 positions)Level 16 – $22.50 (65,536 positions)

Matching Matrix Commissions

For every personally recruited affiliate a Four Corners Alliance Group brings into the company, a 100% matching bonus on matrix commissions is paid to the recruiting affiliate.

The Matching Bonus is paid out on level 2 and above matrix commissions.

Newsletter Commissions

Newsletter commissions are paid out using the same 2×16 matrix compensation structure as above. For every newsletter subscriber a Four Corners Alliance Group affiliate has in their matrix, they earn a monthly commission on the subscription fee paid.

How much of a commission is paid out depends on what cấp độ of the matrix a newsletter subscriber falls on:

Levels 1 to 7 – 37.5 cents per subscriberLevels 8 to 18 – 50 cents per subscriberLevel 14 – 87.5 cents per subscriberLevels 15 & 16 – $1 per subscriber

Note that an tiếp thị liên kết must themselves be on a monthly newsletter subscription if they wish khổng lồ earn newsletter commissions.

Joining Four Corners Alliance Group

Affiliate membership to lớn Four Corners Alliance Group is $15. Bundled with this fee is Four Corners Alliance Group’s first product, simply referred khổng lồ as “Product 1”.


With a near identical business mã sản phẩm to Four Corners Alliance Group it’s easy to lớn see this as the re-incarnation of Longevity7, albeit with a slightly tweaked business model.

Whilst retail is entirely possible, it is both more expensive and less financially beneficial to lớn Four Corner Alliance affiliates than simply recruiting new affiliates into the company.

The intent behind the hàng hóa purchases in Four Corners Alliance Group plays a big role in the legitimacy of business mã sản phẩm and focus in the comp plan. Affiliates must purchase each level of product in order lớn earn a commission, which is also tied into the matrix levels.

Effectively commissions wise, affiliates are buying (unlocking) a matrix cấp độ to earn commissions on it when other affiliates unlock their matrices. Any products bundled as part of this are purely incidental.

I have khổng lồ say at this point that I’m slightly confused on the mechanics of Four Corners Alliance Group’s matrix mechanics. It appears khổng lồ be a straight up recruitment commission paying matrix but the way it’s presented appears lớn make it look tier based:


This doesn’t make much sense khổng lồ me as it indicates a cap on the commissions an affiliate can earn when those in their downline buy into the matrix.

Eg. As above, an tiếp thị liên kết is only able lớn earn a commission on two people who buy into màn chơi 1 of the matrix (most likely affiliates they themselves recruit).

What happens to the cấp độ 1 commissions generated by any affiliates they recruit after that? The above diagram certainly confuses things.

In anycase, again I fall back on the intent behind the purchase of products. I’m going to lớn pretty much rule out the existence of retail purely on the complete lack of focus on the sản phẩm line (calling your products “1 lớn 16” isn’t exactly going lớn inspire people khổng lồ hand over nearly $400 for).

Take away the compensation plan and it must be asked whether or not affiliates would purchase the 16 levels of product. Ditto the newsletter.

I’m going lớn go with “no”, largely based on specific wording in Four Corners Alliance Group’s compensation plan:

Your initial joining fee of $15 includes the members’ discounted purchase price of the first of these excellent products. From then on, subsequent modules will be purchased at the special membership rates from your commissions generated in your business, meaning there are no further out of pocket expenses.

Affiliates can opt to pay the buy-in fees at each cấp độ themselves, but it’s clear the idea is khổng lồ fill up your matrix and pay the cấp độ buy-in out of the commissions generated.

And this brings me lớn my final observation, that being that Four Corners Alliance Group very much feels like a recruitment scheme with as many “legitimate” avenue of sales attached on khổng lồ it.

The orientation towards signing up as an tiếp thị liên kết (25% discount) and generating commissions by signing up other affiliates và having them vày the same is obvious, yet the retail avenues to sell products 1 khổng lồ 16 are also there.

Given the nature of how Four Corners Alliance Group is presented by the company itself I’d be surprised to learn of any significant (if any) retail activity within the company itself.

As a prospective Four Corners affiliate this can be verified via a check of your potential upline’s retail customer to affiliate ratio. If their downline is full of affiliates that’s a good indication of a recruitment scheme in operation with attached but insignificant retail options.

Update 20th June năm trước – Following the observation of changes to lớn Four Corners Alliance Group’s compensation plan, I’ve now put up an updated v2.0 review.