Health issues are one of the vị trí cao nhất concerns of a traveler when visiting or moving lớn a new country. As Vietnam is one of the developing countries in the tropical area, it is necessary that you know what to eat and drink safely khổng lồ avoid epidemics in this hot and humid weather. Our article will guide you on whether you can use water in Vietnam depending on where you are located & what you use it for.

Can I Drink Water in Vietnam? No, you cannot drink water straight from water sources without boiling or filtering. Bottled Water, Filtered Water, or Green Tea are the main sources of drinking water in Vietnam. You should never drink water straight from the tap or ground source to lớn avoid contamination.


Can I use tap water khổng lồ brush my teeth in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s Water Supply

Water supply & sanitation is still a huge challenge for Vietnam’s government. Besides urban areas, there is limited access to lớn pipe water systems in rural areas. The local people there still have khổng lồ use groundwater, river water, & rain water for daily activities. Even in major cities, during dry seasons, there can also be a shortage of water due lớn poor operation và management.

“Can I Drink Water In Vietnam?” is one of the most frequently asked questions of travelers first coming to Vietnam. This is natural as many countries are lucky that they have the infrastructure lớn drink straight from the well or tap.


Green Tea is Safe khổng lồ Drink In Vietnam & found everywhere

What else can I drink in Vietnam?

Green Tea is by far the #1 drink that is consumed on a daily basis in Vietnam. Coffee must be a close second. As a country located in the tropical area, Vietnam is well-known for a lot of fruits which you can’t find or are too expensive to lớn buy in your own country. There are a variety of smoothies and fruit juices made with these fruits.

One favorite drink that many tourists love to lớn drink is fresh coconut water. You can order this drink almost everywhere in Vietnam, even street food stalls. This can be drunk directly from the coconut with a straw và you can be sure that it is safe for your health.

You will regret traveling khổng lồ Vietnam without trying Vietnamese traditional iced coffee. It is regarded as one of the strongest coffee’s in the world. But the way we make coffee is special và a large part of our Culture. Coarsely ground beans go into a French drip filter (called a phin), which sits on vị trí cao nhất of the cup. The beans are pushed down with a thin lid, hot water is added to the phin, & then the water slowly trickles through into the cup. You can drink coffee with sugar or condensed milk. You can also drink with or without ice. A cup of coffee costs you from $0.5 if you drink in local cafeteria to $4 if you drink in luxurious coffee shops and restaurants. If you want to lớn know if drinking coffee is safe in Vietnam, go ahead and check out our blog post.

If you love drinking beer, there are a variety for you khổng lồ choose from. While local beer such as Saigon Beer, Huda, Ha Noi Beer is quite affordable for those who are on a budget, costing you around $0.5 per can. If you prefer international brand name, you can consider Heineken, Budweiser, Beck’s, costing you from $0.8 per can. Drinking beer on ice is very common in Vietnam, we recommend you kiểm tra out our blog post about “Is Ice Safe khổng lồ Drink in Vietnam?”, if you want khổng lồ learn more.

Where lớn go if you get sick from drinking water in Vietnam?

Sad but true, however careful you are when you choose where lớn eat & drink, you may suffer from some incidents. If your stomach is not strong enough, keep in mind some ways to get medication. You can ask the locals lớn guide you khổng lồ reliable drugstore khổng lồ buy medicine if it seems khổng lồ you that the illness is not serious. Otherwise, it is highly recommended that you go to the doctor or the hospital. If you travel around Ho chi Minh city, you can go lớn Vinmec International Hospital, which has branches spreading all over Vietnam with good customer service & modern facilities.

Vinmec International Hospital

Besides, there are other prestigious hospitals in Vietnam. In Ho chi Minh City, FV Hospital, đô thị International Hospital are considered to lớn have the best và fastest service for foreigners. In Ha Noi, HFH is known as the first International hospital in Hanoi. Thu Cuc International General Hospital is also a reliable address if you have health problems when staying in Ha Noi. If you travel khổng lồ Hoi An or da Nang City, you can bear in mind hospitals such as Hoan My Hospital, Gia Dinh Hospital.

FV Hospital (Ho đưa ra Minh City)

City International Hospital (Ho chi Minh City)

HFH (Ha Noi)

Thu Cuc International General Hospital (Ha Noi)

Hoan My Hospital (Da Nang)

Gia Dinh Hospital (Da Nang)

Address: 73 Nguyen Huu Tho, nhì Chau District, da Nang CityHotline: (+84) 236363233

In brief, drinking water in Vietnam isn’t as serious of an issue as some travelers may think. With the rapid development of tourism, food services in Vietnam are gradually improving in recent years. Lượt thích going to lớn any other Southeast Asian countries, being prepared và choosing wisely will help you prevent unfortunate incidents so you can enjoy your trip. We hope that our guide in this blog will help you understand how & where lớn choose potable water when you travel to lớn Vietnam & have a safe & memorable journey here.