Top unique extensions on Coc Coc website browser will help users when downloading CocCoc, using it more efficiently, surfing the website faster than other browsers

Because of using the same chromium kernel, Coc Coc has the same store of utilities & applications as Chrome. Therefore, removing & installing add-ons (extension) on Coc Coc is almost the same as manipulating Google Chrome.

Top add-on extensions for Coc Coc the best

In this article, will introduce khổng lồ you the list of the most popular và best extensions (extensions) currently available to lớn Coc Coc users. Depending on your needs, you can consult to tải về one of these utilities.

Top extensions, add-ons for Coc Coc

If you have not used Coc Coc yet, please tải về it now.

Download to lớn your computer: Download CocCoc

1. Office Online

Download Office Online. Tải về Office Online

This utility allows users to lớn view, edit and create Office files right in the browser of Coc Coc. Users can easily drag & drop text files right from the computer into the browser for viewing and editing.


Top add-ons for the best Coc Coc – Office Online

Better yet, you don’t need to lớn install Office software lớn view & edit all kinds of documents from Word khổng lồ PowerPoint. Besides, users can also store document files right on the OneDrive storage integrated with the utility. The application supports up to lớn 52 languages, including Vietnamese

2. Tin nhắn Message Checker

Download gmail Mail Checker. Download Gmail message checker


Top add-on extensions for Coc Coc the best – check gmail messages

It will be simple when you can kiểm tra the number of unread emails in your browser without having to directly access gmail service.

The capacity of this utility is quite light, only about 45KB, so users are completely assured that this utility will not take up too much space on the computer.

3. Momentum

Download Momentum. Download Momentum


Top add-on extensions for the best Coc Coc – Momentum

With Momentum, you can make Coc Coc screens so easy. This utility will allow lớn replace boring new tab images with animated pictures, current time, weather, job reminder và greeting for a dynamic job invitation day.

Momentum’s advantages are simplicity and performance in parallel. This utility currently has more than 1 million users around the world.

4. Evernote website Clipper

Download Evernote web Clipper. Download Evernote web Clipper


Top add-on extensions for the best Coc Coc – Evernote website Clipper

As a lot of note taker, you’ll probably need a more effective note-taking aid. That’s when you will need the Evernote website Clipper utility on Coc Coc.

This utility allows you to crop images or text files on website pages & store them on Evernote’s archives. You can even highlight text or from any post, nói qua an thư điện tử or create a URL.

5. ImTranslator: Translation, Dictionary, Voice

Download ImTranslator: Translation, Dictionary, Voice. Download add-ons ImTranslator: Translation, Dictionary, Voice


Top add-on extensions for the best Coc Coc – ImTranslator

Whatever work you vày today, you will need great help from translation tools. For Coc Coc users, you should try the ImTranslator utility: Translation, Dictionary, Voice.

This utility allows users to compile paragraphs, phrases or an entire website page. ImTranslator currently supports up khổng lồ 91 languages, 10 thousand characters per translation.

In addition, the utility also has many impressive features such as translation history, automatic source language detection, re-translation of the original language, custom hot keys, …

6. Pixlr Editor

Download Pixlr Editor. Download Pixlr Editor

Dubbed as the best online photo editing tool today, Pixlr Editor also has a utility version on Coc Coc.


Top add-on extensions for the best Coc Coc – MoPixlr Editor

This photo editing utility allows users to lớn transform pictures right from the website browser. With many filters including HDR, light, tilt, blur, vintage, anti-noise, you can completely create attractive photos.

Thus, introduced to you the vị trí cao nhất of the most popular extensions today on Coc Coc. You can completely download these gadgets through the link in the article or visit the Chrome Online Store.

During the process of using Coc Coc, browser history can get full và make the computer sluggish. At this point, you should immediately use the guide delete Coc Coc history to solve this problem. In addition, work Update Coc Coc Up lớn the latest version also partly helps this browser become stable and web browsing better. So if possible you should update Coc Coc lớn get the latest features.