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Legion TD Team OZE

In Legion TD, the main goal is to lớn cooperatively build an army khổng lồ defend the team king from getting killed by waves of creeps. Every round your towers come to life & will have to fight in the first line of defense against the invaders. You have the choice to build 194 towers that all have their own speciality, divided into classes và ranks. Farm resources khổng lồ send creeps to the opposing team, or fortify your king’s defense against attackers. By defeating the opposing team’s king, you win the game.


Pumpkin TD

A random TD experience with 6 thrilling trò chơi modes for up to 6 players. 114+ towers with chất lượng abilities. Actively developed và with an ever growing community. Welcome lớn Pumpkin TD.


War of Races

War of Races is the newest Thug of War style map. Players have 1 Headquarters, 3 Barracks(s), 6 Towers. Units spawn automatically, players cannot control them. Players can train heroes in mid game which is the only controllable thing in the game. Many races lớn play và they are well balanced. Dominate lanes to lớn get bonus income, damage & mana regeneration etc.


Enfo's FFB


Boss Battle