Do you want khổng lồ start blogging? First, it is required to lớn know how to lớn start a blog. The internet is full of không tính tiền blog sites like Blogspot, WordPress, Ghost, etc. Blogspot is Google’s không tính phí Blogger platform. Here we are covering how to create a blog on Blogspot. Google Blogger allows you to create a blog on It is easy khổng lồ make a không tính tiền Blogspot website. In this article, you learn lớn create a blog for free and earn money online from Google without investment. Let’s take an introduction lớn the blog, blogging, & Google Blogspot (

Table of Contents
What Is A Blog?
Why vị Blogging?
Blogger Vs. Blogspot
Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogspot
Advantages of Blogger
Disadvantages of Blogger
How lớn Sign Up for Google Account?
How khổng lồ Create A Blog on Blogspot?
How lớn Change A Theme on Blogspot?
Is Your Blog Visible to search Engines?
How khổng lồ Upload A logo sản phẩm on Blogspot Blog?
How to địa chỉ A Gadget on Blogspot?
How khổng lồ Publish A Blog Post on Blogspot?
Compose a new post
The blog post editor and toolbar
add content khổng lồ a blog post
Insert an image to a blog post
Insert a liên kết to a blog post
Embed YouTube videos to a blog post
địa chỉ cửa hàng labels to a blog post
Edit permalink of a blog post
Preview và publish a blog post
How khổng lồ Publish A Page on Blogspot?
vì chưng You Use Blogspot?

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a web-based diary, an individual or group of individuals regularly update with content. Each update on a blog is called a blog post. The blog posts can be based on a particular topic or various topics, depending on the blog’s niche. The latest posts on the blog appear first, i.e., they appear in reverse chronological order.

Why vì chưng Blogging?

There are many reasons for which people start blogging. Lớn name a few –

Supporting a social causeProfessional networkingShowcasing their writing skillsMarketing a business online.


Blogger Vs. Blogspot

Google owns both &

Is there any difference between Blogger and Blogspot?

Blogger is a publishing platform, while is the root tên miền of your blog. Users create a blog on the subdomain. E.g., myblog.blogspot.comYou can manage a blogspot blog using the Blogger dashboard.

What is Blogspot?

You can create a không tính phí blog on Blogspot lớn make money without investment. Google does not charge a penny from you. The best thing is that you can monetize a Blogspot blog with AdSense.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogspot

Blogspot blogs have some advantages và disadvantages, so you must know them before setting up a blog on

Advantages of Blogger

Easier lớn use when compared to lớn other blogging programs like WordPressLots of options for customizationFree of chargeFaster indexing – Blogspot sites show up in Google search results within 24 hoursCan easily integrate any of the other Google productsOption địa chỉ cửa hàng your own custom domain.

Disadvantages of Blogger

Blogspot has lesser options for themes & plugins.You can easily thua thảm traffic if you don’t keep updating your blog.

How khổng lồ Sign Up for Google Account?

You can start blogging with Blogspot, but first, you need khổng lồ create a Google account.

1. Go to in your website browser.

2. Click on the Sign-in button to lớn create an account.

3. You are on the login page. If you have an account, login with your thư điện tử and password, else proceed to lớn create account. You can create a Google trương mục for yourself or manage your business. Select an option that is right in case of you.

3. Fill out all the necessary details & click on the Next button.


4. Once the trương mục is created, you will see a welcome message.

How lớn Create A Blog on Blogspot?

Don’t know how khổng lồ set up a blog on Blogspot? Don’t worry, hereunder is all you want khổng lồ know. Please read our guide carefully and do a practice with our screenshots.

1. To lớn create a blogspot blog, a Blogspot login is required. Visit for this.

2. Click on the CREATE YOUR BLOG button and login with your Google account credentials.

3. After Blogspot sign in. You are now on the Blogger dashboard. On the đứng top lift side, the Create blog option is given khổng lồ you.


5. As you click on the Create blog option, you get a title box lớn choose a name for your blog. Enter the name of your new blog & click on the Next button. If you need help choosing a name for your blog, you can check out Satori Webmaster Academy’s blog name generator.


6. The next option is given to lớn choose a URL for your blog. Enter the blog URL in the address box. It will be checked for availability, and if it is available, then the SAVE button will be highlighted. You can also phối up a Blogger custom domain on a blogspot blog.


7. Congrats, you have successfully created a blogspot blog.


How to Change A Theme on Blogspot?

1. Click on the Theme menu thành tích on the left side menu list. You see, the default theme is Contempo Light. You may change the Blogger theme at any time.


2. Just scroll down lớn choose the theme of your choice from the many available options. There are so many Blogspot themes, but we highly recommend using Contempo, Soho, Emporio, Notable, or Essential only. These themes are very fast. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insight to kiểm tra the loading speed và other issues. You get an option to preview the theme before applying.

You should take a backup of the existing blog theme before applying a new theme.


3. You need khổng lồ click on the Apply button lớn use the selected theme.

You can also buy premium themes for blogspot blog for beautiful design và customizations. Here’s our guide on how khổng lồ install a blogger theme. You should also know the basics of Blogger’s HTML editor.

Is Your Blog Visible to tìm kiếm Engines?

1. Click on the Settings menu công trình on the left sidebar.

2. Scroll your page to the Privacy section.

3. Double check the toggle button should be green.


We recommend learning about Blogspot/ Blogger SEO. You can customize the robots.txt header tags và robots.txt if you are an advanced user.

How lớn Upload A hình ảnh sản phẩm on Blogspot Blog?

1. Click on the Layout menu tòa tháp on the left side.

2. In the Header section, click on the edit pencil.


3. You can either choose a file from your computer or paste an image URL to upload a logo on your blog. You also have three options for biệu tượng công ty placement; select the right for you.

Behind title và descriptionBehind title and descriptionHave a mô tả tìm kiếm placed after the image

You can also tick the Shrink to lớn fit option if the hình ảnh sản phẩm is bigger than the header.


4. Click on the Save button to lớn make changes.

Similar to a logo, a favicon also helps your blog lớn get identified among other blogs. You can also showroom a favicon on Blogspot blogs.

How to địa chỉ A Gadget on Blogspot?

1. Click on the Layout menu item on the left thực đơn list.

2. Under the sidebar vị trí cao nhất or bottom, click on Add a Gadget.

3. In the pop-up window, scroll down khổng lồ see available gadgets. Click on the name of Gadget or + icon to add a new gadget lớn your blog.


4. Update your gadget with the required information.

5. Click on the Save button, the gadget will be added to the sidebar.

How to lớn Publish A Blog Post on Blogspot?

Publishing a blog post consists of different tasks. Hereunder we are discussing a few of them.

Compose a new post

Click the New Post button to lớn create a new post.


The blog post editor và toolbar

A post editor will open. Post editor has HTML view & Compose view. Click on the pencil icon on the composer toolbar to get these options. I recommend the compose view for beginners.


It has different sets of options-

Toggle between HTML view & Compose viewUndo và RedoFont type, font size, headings, & paragraphBold, italics, underline, strikethrough, text color, & text background colorInsert or edit links, insert image, insert video, and insert special charactersText alignment, increase indent, và decrease indentBulleted list, numbered list, quoted text, and insert jump breakLeft lớn right layout, right to left layout, and input toolsClear formatting

Add content to a blog post

Enter your blog post title, article, and showroom images just lượt thích you vày with a word processing tool.


Insert an image to a blog post

1. Place the cursor at the spot where you want the image in a blog post.

2. Click on the image icon in the toolbar.

3. You get four options to showroom an image to your blog post.

Upload from computerPhotosBloggerBy URL

If you are uploading images from your computer, click on the Choose files and select the required image file.


4. Click on the uploaded image to enter the Select button.

The required image will be added khổng lồ your blog post.

Insert a liên kết to a blog post

1. First, copy an internal or external URL to add.

2. Select a text to an internal or external URL to lớn it.

3. Click on the link icon given on the composer toolbar.

4. An option to paste or search for a liên kết will appear. Paste the copied URL in the given box.


5. You get two options advance options.

Open this liên kết in a new windowAdd ‘rel=nofollow’ attribute

You may use the first one without hesitation, but don’t use it if you don’t know anything about a nofollow tag.

6. Click on the Apply button. A liên kết has been added to your blog post.

You can edit this added link, buy click on the same text highlighted in blue color.

Embed YouTube videos khổng lồ a blog post

1. Click on the Insert video icon on the given composer toolbar.

2. Drop-down will show the YouTube option. Click on it.

3. You get two options to add a clip – Uploads và Search. Select the search tab.

4. A search box to search Youtube videos. Search a video clip and hit the magnifying glass button

5. Select a video from the populated list.


6. Click on the Select button. This video clip will be added to your video.

Add labels to lớn a blog post

You can địa chỉ labels to lớn your blog post. The label is another term for category or tag for your post. These labels show on the blog post. When a reader clicks on a label, all posts with that label will be on a page. Blogger has a label gadget that you can add to your blog sidebar. It will help your readers to lớn read all posts that are published under the same label.

1. You can địa chỉ cửa hàng Labels from the Post settings given on the right sidebar.

2. Click on the Labels option. A box will appear to add labels.

3. Enter labels related khổng lồ the post.


Great, you have done it perfectly.

Edit permalink of a blog post

1. You can tweak your blog post permalink. This option is given under the Post settings.

2. Click on the Permalink option. It shows two options- automatic permalink và custom permalink.

3. You can use the custom permalink option to keep your blog post URL short và user-friendly.


Read our detailed guides on –

Preview and publish a blog post

You can see the preview of your blog post before publishing it. You can vày so by clicking on the Preview button in the vị trí cao nhất right corner.

If the post preview looks perfect, then you can click on the Publish button.


How to Publish A Page on Blogspot?

Blogspot gives you options to địa chỉ cửa hàng pages to lớn your blog. You can publish a page on blogspot. You can create different types of pages lượt thích about me, tương tác us, privacy, disclaimer, etc.

1. Click on the Pages menu thành công on the left side menu list.

2. Then click on the New Page.


3. Enter the page title.

4. địa chỉ cửa hàng content for the page.

5. You may disable reader comments on the pages.


6. Preview and publish your page.

Do You Use Blogspot?

You have gone through our tutorial on how lớn create a blog on Blogspot, and now you can start blogging. Blogspot is one of the simple and không tính tiền blogging platforms to create a blog for free. Everyone can create và set up a blog without any expertise. If you still have any questions in your mind, please leave a comment.