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When users print or merge PDF files from a application running on a Windows server 2008 R2, the following JAVA error occurs:

“Java ™ Platform SE Binary has stopped working”

Fault application name: java.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x84735683 Faulting module name: ANYFILE.dll, version: 4.2.8712.8732, time stamp: 0x5eec9962


Locate theWindows event Reporting logfor Java, in the Windows 2008 R2 server. It is usually located in C:usersusernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsWERReportArchive.

Open theReport.WERfile in WordPad.

Navigate to the end of the tệp tin toAppPath. Itdisplays the location of the Java.exe tệp tin that caused the error. (For example - D:myappsubfolderocxjrein).


Right-clickthe java.exe file, & selectProperties to change the compatibility mode for this instance ofjava.exe.

Clickthe Compatibility tab, andChange settings for ALL usersbutton.

Clear the Compatibility mode checkbox và selectRun this program in compatibility mode for: SelectWindows hệ thống 2003 (Service Pack 1)from the drop-down menu.

ClickOKto close the JAVA Properties window.

Log out from website Interface or from the services site & log on again.Launch the application và test the printing or PDF merging. It must print without errors.


Problem Cause

The Application is developed khổng lồ run in Windows vps 2003 SP1 mode; hence it fails when running in Windows 2008 R2 mode.


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