Matt Stone"s e-book, Diet Recovery really helped me, và I wanted to tóm tắt my experience with you all.

Since last fall, I"ve been working lớn balance my metabolism. I"ve had hormonal issues — notably low thyroid and low adrenal function — since I gave birth to lớn my first child in 2007.

What helped me the most on my journey of hooc môn rebalancing was an e-book by Matt Stone of 180 Degree Health: Diet Recovery.

After reading that book this past January, I drastically increased my intake of carbohydrates (can you say lots & lots of pancakes, potato chips và hash browns fried in coconut oil?), và focused on getting a lot more sleep. In this post, I"ll mô tả with you what happened, & how reading this book changed my life.

Pregnancy và Nursing are Hard on Your Hormones

I"ve always been thin. I could always eat whatever I wanted; never gained an ounce. Heavy cream, butter, bread, chocolate, pasta, French fries, pizza — it didn"t matter what I ate. I always stayed right in the range of 125-135 pounds. Even with a very sedentary lifetstyle of being on the computer all day and rarely getting any exercise.

It was only after I gave birth khổng lồ my first child that I noticed that no matter what I did, I could not seem to lớn drop those extra trăng tròn or 30 pounds.


Sound familiar? Of course it does. I can"t keep track of all the women I know trying to thất bại that extra baby weight. That"s because pregnancy & nursing wreak havoc on your hormones. That"s becasue găng tay lowers thyroid and adrenal function.

Don"t get me wrong, having a baby was, hands down, the best experience of my life.


I"m grateful every single day for my sweet precious child.


It"s the stubborn post-pregnancy weight gain I"m not so crazy about.


That"s a picture of me in the fall of 2008 (with Jerry Brunetti). I was about 15 pounds over my pre-baby weight then.

I had been eating pretty low carb at that point for about a year (ever since I learned about the Weston A. Price Foundation in the fall of 2007). Not super low carb, but much more low carb than I had ever eaten in my life.

I was fastidiously avoiding grains và sugar, và eating mostly meat, fish, good fats (coconut oil, butter) and vegetables.

All of this in an effort to lớn eat more healthfully & to rid myself of the excess baby fat.

Did it work?

Unfortunately, no.

Low Carb Is Also Hard on the Hormones

Everyone claims that low carb is the way to đại bại weight. It did not work for me, and there are lots of folks over on Matt Stone"s blog who concur.

I found that I had to lớn eat less and less, & restrict my carbs more & more.

The less I ate and the more I restricted, the less I could eat & the more I had to lớn restrict — otherwise I would gain weight.

Enter Matt Stone


Matt Stone has this crazy idea that EATING MORE and RESTING MORE helps you, in the long run, heal your hormones & lose weight.

He puts a special emphasis on highly palatable, high-carb foods such as ice cream, bread, pasta, and pizza. Oh, yeah, baby!

His bottom line: EAT THE FOOD. Eat what makes you feel good. Stop restricting, stop counting calories, carbs, fat grams. Just eat the food.


It"s not a lose-weight-quick scheme. It"s a long-term program lớn nourish yourself, rebalance your hormones, and, in time, naturally thua weight.

According lớn Matt Stone, the key lớn healing is nourishing your hormonal glands with nutrition. Và plenty of rest.

It made sense lớn me. There are so many super-restrictive diets out there. Low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie. The next thing you know, you"re eating low-everything.

I"d had enough of all the restricted diets. Because the more I restricted, the worse I felt. If I cheated even just a tiny bit on my diet, I gained weight. And felt even worse about myself.

I was ready for a big change. I was ready to lớn give up dieting and finally get healthy.

So I gave Matt Stone"s Diet Recovery a try in January of this year.

I started eating a lot more, drastically boosted my carbohydrate intake, và focused on sleeping as much as possible. For a while, I was clocking 10-12 hours per night (ahh those were the days).

Hint: The trick is lớn go khổng lồ sleep when your kids go down. Don"t stay up and do more work. Just go khổng lồ bed when they do. I know, easier said than done. We have stuff to vì chưng late at night!