A new requirement "Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Update 4 Redistributable Package (x86)" has been added lớn Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows và later. Cài đặt will automatically prompt once khổng lồ install the missing requirement, when needed.On some systems thiết lập may fail lớn detect that the correct version of package is already installed, prompt lớn install it again và fail.


When installing or applying Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows or later, thiết lập may prompt lớn install a missing requirement: Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Update 4 Redistributable Package (x86) This is expected to occur only once. However you may experience a problem where this prompt keeps reoccurring every time you run a cài đặt executable again, like when applying a later fix pack or iFix. When clicking the Install button, the installation of the redistributable package appears khổng lồ fail with the following message:


Clicking Yes allows the installation of Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows khổng lồ successfully continue.

Diagnosing The Problem

Compare the version reported in the Software control panel & in the registry. If the version does not match exactly, then your installation of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 run-time libraries is likely corrupt.Software Control Panel: Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86) - 11.n.nnnnnRegistry: 32-bit OS:Version="11.n.nnnnn"64-bit OS:Version="11.n.nnnnn"

Resolving The Problem

To repair the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 run-time libraries, follow these steps:Open the Software control panel and locate the following entry:Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86) - 11.n.nnnnnRight-click on this entry & select Change.A new Modify cài đặt window will appear. Click Repair lớn initiate the repair operation. Once the repair has completed successfully, the problem is resolved.

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