Hello friends, Here is another PS2 DBZ BT3 thủ thuật for you today. This is a new DBZ BT3 hack called rồng Ball Fusion Budokai Tenkaichi 3 MOD, which was made by PIPE GAME. There are a lot of new updates in this mod, so let’s know about this game.

Left arrow + R3 = Goku Base + Vegeta Base (Vegetto Base) Right arrow together with R3 (Gogeta Base)When Goku gets his Super Saiyan Third Grade powers, he is the new Left arrow on the R3 circuit (Vegetto SSJ) Move the cursor to lớn the right, using the +R3 key (Gogeta SSJ)This sums up how Goku & Vegeta combine into a L và an R, respectively: Left arrow and R3 (Vegetto SSJ Blue) Right arrow, then press R3 (Gogeta SSJ Blue)In order to form the Up arrow, combine the Goku & Gohan bases (Gokhan Base)Up arrow, & R3, equals Goku SSJ Blue and Gohan SSJ xanh together (Gokhan Blue)“Goku SSJ + Broly SSJ Legendario” can be referred khổng lồ as a “up arrow” and “R3” (Karoly SSJL)When you have a Trunks Base & a Vegeta Base, you get the Up Arrow and the R3 button (vegetrunks Base)Super Saiyan Trunks + Super Saiyan Vegeta = the Up Arrow + R3 (vegetrunks SSJ)A scenario in which the form of Trunks SSJ blue combines with the power nguồn of Vegeta SSJ xanh would be an upwards arrow with the R3 (vegetrunks SSJ Blue)Trunks’ base plus Gohan from the future base results in the left arrow on the R3 (Gohanks Base) Turn left và hold down R3 (Trunhan Base)R3 on the left is Gohan from the future’s SSJ blue (Gohanks SSJ Blue) Right arrow, then press R3 (Trunhan SSJ Blue)Left arrow & R3 = Trunks GT Base + Goten GT Base (Gotenks GT Base)Trunks’ SSJ GT Trunks’ SSJ GT Goten’s SSJ = L1 + R3 (Gotenks GT SSJ)This yields the following: Trunks SSJ4 + Gotenks SSJ4 = Left arrow + R3 (Gotenks SSJ4) (Gohabb)Button Left arrow + R3 Caulifla Base + Kale Base = (Caule Base) Raise the R3 button (Kefla Base)Left arrow và R3 Caulifla SSJ + Kale SSJL = (Caule SSJL) Bring up the R3 control panel (Kefla SSJL)Left arrow + R3 = Caulifla SSJ Blue and Kale SSJ Blue, respectively (Caule SSJ Blue) Tap the “Up” arrow & then press the R3 button (Kefla SSJ Blue)

More Fusions

Yamcha plus Tenshinhan are the left arrow and R3 (Tiencha) An up arrow followed by R3 (Yamhan)Left arrow + R3 when using the final version of the freezer forma, together with a cell (Cellzer)Using Freezer Forma Final on đứng top of a Cooler makes an Up Arrow appear (Coozer)Freezer Forma Final + Kid Buu = Kid Buu (when unfrozen), with the ‘Freezer Forma Final’ move set (Kid Buuzer)Frost-covered Golden Freezer The forma final is the left arrow with R3 on it (Golden Frozer)Cell plus Super N17 = Up arrow on R3 (Hyper Cell)Super Janemba is paired with Cooler khổng lồ make the Left arrow (Coolemba)The Bills & Kid Buu together size the Left Arrow and R3 (Kid Bills)Turles & Slug equals the Left Arrow & R3 (Turlug)When N16 is combined with Slug, we get an Up arrow (Slug 16)When you plug in N17 DBS + N17 DBGT, you’ll get an L3 (Super N17)The number ’17’ multiplied by ’18’ gives ‘up arrow’ (Super N35)Right arrow và R3, both of which are supported by DBS (Bojack 17)The following statement equates N18 DBS, N18 DBGT, và Left arrow: “N18 DBS, N18 DBGT, and Left arrow are the same” (Super N18)Up arrow + R3 = Goku đen Base + Vegeta đen Base (Gogeta đen Base) Turn left và hold down R3 (Vegetto black Base)The “Up arrow” with the name “R3” makes a combination known as “Goku black SSJ Rose and Vegeta đen SSJ Rose” (Gogeta black SSJ Rose) Turn left và hold down R3 (Vegetto đen SSJ Rose)Broly SSJL + Goku đen Base = Left arrow + R3 (karoly đen SSJL)Left Arrow + Zamasu = Goku black Rose + Zamasu = (Zamasu Fusion)Left-arrow & R3 with Super Buu make a left arrow (Buu Jiren)Wiss + Super Buu = The UP ARROW + R3 (Buu Wiss)Super Buu plus Daishinkan = the right arrow combined with R3 (Buu Daishinkan)The Bills và Champa are equivalent khổng lồ the up arrow and R3 (Champrus)if Bills và Broly go together, they could be SSJL (Right arrow, R3) (Broorus)Cumber SSJ & Broly DBS SSJL, which makes it the left arrow & R3 (cumbroly)“Up” Shenron + “R3” đắm say Xing Long = (Omsheron)

More Combination Characters

The result of adding Omega Shenron & Cell together is a “right arrow” along with R3 (Omega Cellron)Left arrow + R3 base (Omega Shenron and Broly) (Omega Broly)A combination of Goku GT Base and Piccolo yields the Left Arrow button (Pikoku)The Up Arrow + R3 combination from Goku GT Base + MR Satan represents the up arrow on a computer keyboard (Gokule)if you combine Goku GT Base và Si Xing Long, you get the right arrow (Xing Long Goku)Gogeta GT SSJ4 & Bardock SSJ4 would equal a right arrow và an up arrow (Bardku SSJ4)Left arrow + R3 = Goku đen SSJ + Baby Vegeta (Baby Gogeta Black) Tap the “Up” arrow and then press the R3 button (Baby Vegetto Black)Combined, Turles & Baby Vegeta would make a ‘right arrow’ (an arrow pointing lớn the right) (Baby Turleta)Left arrow and R3 are children of Goten and Trunks (Gotenks Base) Tap the “Up” arrow & then press the R3 button (Trunten Base)Trunks & Goten’s son Left-arrow key + R3 (Gotenks SSJ3) Tap the “Up” arrow & then press the R3 button (Trunten SSJ3)Up arrow + R3 = Broly Base Z + Broly Base DBS (Broly Fusion)Right arrow + R3 = Tenshinhan + Piccolo (Tiencolo)Up arrow + R3 = Gohan del Futuro SSJ + Piccolo (Picohan)Left arrow + R3 = Piccolo Daimaku + Sper Garlic Jr (Garcolo)Up arrow + R3 = Majuub + Kid Buu (Majin uub)

How to tải về Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 thủ thuật PS2 ISO android

First & foremost, obtain the game. The links to the tải về is provided below.When you click the download Button, you’ll see a đoạn clip of the mod’s creator. Check the video’s description for tải về Links in 6 Parts.After you’ve downloaded all of the parts, you’ll need khổng lồ extract them. You can use any Zip extractor programme to open it.After you’ve extracted the game, you’ll need to tải về and instal the PS2 emulator. PS2 Emulator for Android and PS2 Emulator for PCThen go lớn Google & type in “download bios” khổng lồ get it.Then mở cửa Emulator, go lớn Bios, & choose a trò chơi to play.