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Industry Leading Customer Service

One of the main contributing factors for over 50 years of successful business is a great working relationship with our valued customers. Since 1963, Servall has been offering the best customer service in the industry to exceed the customer’s expectations. See what a few of our customers had to say about us.

I was getting my trang chủ prepared lớn put on the market for sale and noticed gritty pellets & the floor joists under the house had hollow spots in them. I decided to call Servall as they offer không tính tiền inspections. The technican came out & explained that the damage was caused by termites. I was very satisfied with the kết thúc result và will be a customer for life.

Jennifer, Hardin

I was in my cửa hàng going through boxes that have been stacked since we moved last Fall, I noticed a few spiders. I immediately called Servall & they came out the same day & treated the problem. The best part of all is they guarantee their work.

Charles, Possum Trot

I had signs of termites & I called Servall khổng lồ come inspect my property and they were very professional. I highly recommend them.

Janet, Calvert City

My house gutters suffered from all the heavy ice và snow we had this winter. I had a friend refer me to lớn Servall. I called & they were very polite and explained some of the features & benefits of the guards they install. They arrived on time & I could not be happier with their service.

Ken, Mayfield

I signed up for Bi-Monthly Service at Servall, it is so convenient since I have such a hectic schedule.

Lacey, Reidland

We bought a house last summer và our house inspection found sagging floors, we had Servall come out and give us a quote. The technician was very efficient in answering all my questions. I will use Servall for years to come.