Shred Shed is well-known and trusted by skaters all over Florida as a đứng top rated skate shop. Owner and manager King Joe will make sure that you are well taken care of, from skateboard repair to skateboard accessories, we have all the gear that you need khổng lồ keep on skating lượt thích a pro. Here at Shred Shed we offer a huge selection of boards, shoes & accessories. From zero to lớn toy machine, we have the names that you trust and know. Shred Shed is also known for its AM skate team and Pro Skate team.

Shred Shed - Lake Worth is located at 1101 State Highway 805. Lake Worth, Florida US. Shred Shed - Lake Worth is a Sporting goods store type of establishment.

Shred Shed - Lake Worth is rated a 4 star place. Shred Shed - Lake Worth offers a very inviting appearance. When you arrive, you can expect to lớn find a contemporary và modern atmosphere.

All reports say this place is very clean. Bring your white gloves. The lighting is fine at this establishment. It is easy khổng lồ see around.

Shred Shed - Lake Worth has gotten fantastic reviews! Stop in & see. Shred Shed - Lake Worth is very reliable when it comes to lớn Footwear service. If your also looking for Skateboard Repair this location is happy to lớn help. At Shred Shed - Lake Worth you will always find the Skate Boards & Accessories you are looking for. Shred Shed - Lake Worth is medium in size and can accommodate a modest number of people. No documentation can be found on a senior discount. You may want to call ahead. WebPage Depot could not verify a discount for military personnel however have your ID ready.

This establishment offers a combination of affordability and accessibility to lớn allow you access to their services. At Shred Shed - Lake Worth all ngân hàng cards are accepted here. Parking is fine here. Come on by or give us a hotline during business hours if you have questions (561) 582-5301.

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