Some lessons learned at recess are the ones remembered for life. Five children begin a friendship on the playground. That friendship và playground becomes the anchor for us to see them as they meet at the merry-go-round during different stages of their lives.

January 7 - February 5

Thursday và Friday performances are at 7 pm. Saturday Matinees are at 2 pm.

When you purchase a ticket lớn a Stained Glass Theatre production you are not only supporting the arts in your local community, you are furthering the Kingdom of God by sharing the good news we all need lớn hear. Stained Glass Theatre strives to lớn be a jewel among theaters, a place where God the Father is glorified và Jesus Christ is proclaimed as Lord và Savior.

We thank you for your continued support!

Tickets may be purchased by phone or in person during our regular Box Office hours Monday - Friday 1 – 5 pm.Thursday and Friday night shows are at 7pm, Saturday Matinees are at 2pm. Ticket Windows open 45 minutes before show times và remain mở cửa through intermission.

Volunteers at Stained Glass Theatre are what keep us going. We rely on our incredible volunteers and we truly view them as family. We would love lớn have you join our family!

We vì chưng require all volunteers to fill out a Volunteer Application before being able khổng lồ start in their selected area(s). Please click the button below lớn learn more about the different areas we need volunteers.




Physical Address

1996 W Evangel Ozark, MO 65721

Mailing Address

PO Box 355 Ozark, MO 65721

Box Office HoursMon - Fri 1 – 5 pm

Phone(417) 581-9192

Stained Glass Theatre was born from a dream in the heart ofplaywright & director Ron Boutwell.

Boutwell had a vision to use theatre lớn communicate God’s love to the world. In the fall of 1982, Boutwell and a rag-tag bunch of college kids – all students of Ron’s -- began making plans to use their talents to serve God by establishing a full-time Christian Theatre.

Their dream was realized when Stained Glass Theatre opened its doors in the Fall of 1983.

“I go see every show and it is always an uplifting experience. God is doing a great work with this theatre. The actors and actresses are vị trí cao nhất class & you never have to worry about what your kids will hear or see. ”

— Katrina

“My wife & I attended for the first time this weekend. The performance was the best I have ever seen. I felt as if I were there with them và I felt the emotions as they performed them, both laughter & pain!!”

— Mike

“Saturday we attended the play at Stained Glass Theatre. We have gone to lớn many plays here và every one is amazing. What they can vị with a small stage is hard to lớn believe, but these actors are totally committed to lớn the desire to spread the Gospel through theatre.”

— Donna

Stained Glass Theatre strives to be a jewel among theaters, a place where God the Father is glorified và Jesus Christ is proclaimed as Lord and Savior.