Some Windows 10 users have been reporting encountering an error while accessing file Explorer or launching any UWP Applications. This error is caused due to lớn the absolute malfunction in pointing towards the executable files. The error states – The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.This error is encountered mostly with the Microsoft Store application, tệp tin Explorer & other UWP Applications. This means that this error comes up during both Windows Classic Application & Universal Windows Platform Applications. Today, we will be checking out how khổng lồ fix this error on Windows operating system.

If your Settings phầm mềm is not working, we have a guide that will help you in resetting Windows 10 without using the Settings Application on Windows 10.If that does not help, Reset Windows 10 as follows. Open Settings > Update và Security > Recovery.
On the right-side panel, under the section of Reset this PC, select Get started.Follow the onscreen instructions và reset your copy of Windows 10.Hope something helps!

How lớn Fix Application Error 0xc0000906 on Windows 11/10


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