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West Coast Martial Arts El Dorado Hills

1 Parents Love It!

1132 Suncast Lane #2 El Dorado Hills,CA95762

BIRTHDAY buổi tiệc ngọt PACKAGES

HOURS:Mon. - Thurs.: 2:00 PM - 8:30 PMFriday: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PMSaturday: Closed - Sunday: Closed - CALL:(916) 933-1973 EMAIL(westcoastgm2004

Welcome to West Coast World Martial Arts. Located in El Dorado Hills, California. WCWMA is a premier, family-oriented, mixed martial arts school serving adults, teens, and children, ages 3 & up.Our goal is lớn inspire our students to be self-confident leaders who are respectful of others và able lớn defend themselves and others if needed. The exciting journey to đen belt impacts every area of life, và we believe the martial arts values of discipline, life-long learning, teamwork, & dedication go way beyond merely learning curriculum. And although our curriculum is rigorous & challenging, our instructors tailor the training khổng lồ meet the needs of each student.I take great pride in owning & being the master instructor. It is truly an honor và privilege to lớn teach all students. I am dedicated to lớn ensure an environment of zero bullying. We are passionate about sustaining our dynamic, encouraging environment where every student feels safe & welcome khổng lồ achieve his/her best.Our team of dedicated black belt instructors not only develop our students’ potential on the mat, but are mindful to lớn celebrate their effort & work ethic in school và at home.In addition lớn serving our students, we are actively involved in our community, helping raise awareness and tư vấn for local schools và organizations that are on the ground cấp độ of education và serving people in need.Along with martial arts training, we also offer cardio fitness classes, weekly ongoing adult & teen self-defense classes, Kids Night Out events, & our ever-popular Fun Friday không tính tiền events for the community. Khổng lồ better serve our students, we offer day & evening classes to lớn fit the busy schedules of parents, teens, và professionals.



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