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Women"s Initiative for Self Employment is a bay Area non-profitwhich provides high-potential, lower-income women the training, resources andon-going support to start và grow their business. The business managementtraining, technical assistance, & financial services we provide — in Englishand Spanish — improve the unique of life for the women we serve, theirfamilies và our communities.

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Principal Officer

Julie Castro Abrams

Main address

PO Box 29181

San Francisco, CA 94129

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Physical Address

1398 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA 94110



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Management Services for Small Business/Entrepreneurs (S43)

Employment Training (J22)


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What are the organization's current programs, how vị they measure success,and who vị the programs serve?

Women’s Initiative has developed a complementary suite of services designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurial women looking to start or expand their own businesses. These four services have delivered high success rates for clients & include the following. Is an entrepreneurial readiness workshop where participants create a vision for their business, conduct a brief SWOT analysis, & complete a self-assessment of their personal readiness that helps them determine wheather they are ready to lớn start their own business. Is a 22 to lớn 25-week session business management training course. The course covers topics and skills needed lớn create a solid business plan including market analysis và planning, break-even, cash flow and time management. Every class integrates computers to help clients develop công nghệ skills during the course. Taught in both Spanish and English, women learn in a participatory environment that has been designed và refined for the specific needs of low-income a business propulsion program for Simple Steps graduates. Ongoing technical & personal skills training, support and market opportunities are combined khổng lồ launch Women’s Initiative entrepreneurs into success. Technical skills are sharpened through workshops, seminars, action groups, one-on-one coaching, & customized technical assistance. Connect Events expose participants to lớn networking, business professionals và industry leaders. Participants also have opportunities to lớn sell their wares, access new markets & potential customers, & engage with professional associations that can help their businesses grow. Are available to Women’s Initiative graduates in a variety of ways including micro loans, Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) and some grant opportunities. Our relationship-based loans range from $500 to lớn $30,000 and help clients start up & expand their businesses.

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